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 Day 1) Tehran
Date: 12 Aug/21 Mordad, Sunday    
Land-drive Duration ca. –
Iran Salam!
Arriving to the capital of Iran, Tehran, this locates in the center of land of Persia. Tehran has been Iran capital after the Qajar Era. In this dynasty Tehran has been developed and Qajar Kings have built so many Gardens-Palaces and also museums there.
Arrival in Tehran and we’ll start our tour with the welcoming of FriendlyIran Agent. Transfer to Hotel visiting Azadi Tower on the way, then visit the National Jewelry Museum, a small treasury of precious jewels, or objects designed with jewels and diamonds.
Visiting Nature bridge and Overnight in Tehran
Day 2) Tehran – (Night Train) > Shiraz
Date: 13 Aug/22 Mordad, Monday    
Land-drive Duration ca. –
Breakfast then we’ll go to Golestan Palace-Garden, the Shamsol Emareh palace. Shamsol Emareh means the building of the sun; it’s the most beloved palace of Golestan Complex.  7 Qajarid King and 2 Pahlavid King have held crowning ceremony there.
We’ll walk in Tehran Grand Bazaar, enjoying the vibe of Persian traditional business. Visiting the Historical-Time Tunnel at National Museum of Iran, there you can have an aspect of Iran’s history within the time. There are objects from thousands years ago up to now. 
In the afternoon take a night train to Shiraz (Takes ca. 16 h)
Day 3) Shiraz
Date: 14 Aug/23 Mordad, Tuesday   
Land-drive Duration ca. –
Hello Shiraz! Shahre Raz, meaning the city of Secrets!
Today we explore Shiraz, starting from the most beautiful mosque of Iran! The bride of Mosques! Nasir almolk Mosque! The best time to visit this mosque is in the morning and before noon. This mosque was made in Qajar dynasty by a member of Royal family, with precious ornaments and beautiful architecture. once you get in, you will find yourself in a garden full of roses! After that we’ll visit Qavam house and Zinatol molk house, these two Qajarid house are actually a single house! But in two parts!
Then we will visit the Vakil Bazaar, the lovely Zandieh Bath, called Vakil Bath. At end we’ll visit Karimkhan Citadel this little citadel, will conquer your heart.
Overnight in Shiraz
Day 4) Shiraz (Pasargadae, Persepolis, Necropolis)
Date: 15 Aug/24 Mordad, Wednesday
Land-drive Duration ca. 4 h
Have an excursion to visit Tomb of Cyrus, in Pasargadae. Getting to know this respected king who established the first great emperor of the world. Then we’ll visit Persepolis, the complex of Achaemenid dynasty, where the people used to celebrate Norooz, the New Year ceremony. The picture history of bas-reliefs in the Apadana palace still tells the story of 2500 years ago. Necropolis the specific gallery of Sassanid Bas-reliefs and Achaemanid royal tombs.
At night we’ll visit Shah Cheragh Shrine.
Overnight in Shiraz
Day 5) Shiraz – (drive) > Ardekan
Date: 16 Aug/25 Mordad, Thursday  
Land-drive Duration ca. 1.5 h
Visiting Eram Garden, this heaven is a gathering of so many kinds of planets and it’s a botanical type of Garden. Then we’ll visit tomb of Hafez, a poet who lived in Shiraz and dedicated his life to write mysterious poems. Goethe the famous German poet had a special respect and love for Hafez.
Drive to Ardekan
Have a traditional dinner.
Overnight in Ardekan
Day 6) Ardekan – (drive) > Sisakht
Date: 17 Aug/26 Mordad, Friday     
Land-drive Duration ca. 1.5 h
Trekking in the Nature, visiting Chellegah or Tange Gambil, Doing water trekking, barbeque, visiting gardens, drive to Sisakht, (Close to the date, we take the advice of local guides)
Overnight in Sisakht
Day 7) Sisakht – (drive) > Abarkooh
Date: 18 Aug/27 Mordad, Saturday  
Land-drive Duration ca. 4 h
Visiting grape gardens, visiting Natural beauties of Sisakht, the waterfall and roads.
Drive to Abarkooh in the afternoon, visiting Aghazade beautiful house.
Overnight in Abarkooh
Day 8) Abarkooh – (drive) > Yazd
Date: 19 Aug/28 Mordad, Sunday    
Land-drive Duration ca. 2 h
In Abarkooh, visiting the Old Cypruss of Abarkooh, which has seen the world for 4000 years! This tree is one of the oldest trees in the world!
Driving to Yazd! The historical city which is a world heritage site! So make yourself at home!
We’ll visit the splendid Jame mosque of Yazd and Water museum. Then we’ll walk in old part of Yazd, called Fahadan. There is a mysterious joy in walking in the tiny alleys of Fahadan.
Overnight in Yazd
Day 9) Yazd
Date: 20 Aug/29 Mordad, Monday    
Land-drive Duration ca. –
Starting our tour in Yazd and visiting Amir Chakhmaq Meydoon (Square). There we can visit the Cisterns, Caravanserai, bazaar and other parts of this great complex.
Visit of Zoroastrian Fire Temple, where the Zoroastrians worship the Fire! One of the sacred elements of life. People say that the fire inside is on for hundred years. After this holy temple we’ll visit Dolat Abad Garden, a UNESCO world heritage Persian garden which consists of a summer house with a very tall wind catcher.
Visiting The Tower of Silence (the Dakhma) the cemetery of Zoroastrian people in ancient times.
Overnight in Yazd
Day 10) Yazd – (drive)> Koohpa Caravansara
Date: 21 Aug/30 Mordad, Tuesday   
Land-drive Duration ca. 3 h
After breakfast we’ll drive toward Esfahan province.
On the way we’ll visit kharanagh palm trees, The Narin Castle of Meybod and the Pigeon house.
Visiting Naein Jameh mosque, the first mosque of Iran.
Overnight in Koohpa Caravansarai
Day 11) Koohpa Caravansara – (drive) > Esfahan
Date: 22 Aug/31 Mordad, Wednesday
Land-drive Duration ca. 1.5 h
Today we’ll drive to Esfahan, walking in the residential area of Armenians in Esfahan, the area is called Jolfa. In Jolfa region we’ll visit the Vank Cathedral, the most famous church of Esfahan. The painting inside this Church is truly eye catching. In the museum, you can see a single hair with an Armenian sentence on it. We will also go to Esfahan Music Museum, there we can hear the traditional music of Iran. In Jolfa we have time to walk and explore it’s cozy shops, that reminds us the Azeri shops of Azerbaijan.
Visiting Esfahan Jameh mosque. This mosque was built by 4 different era and is the first mosque with 4 courtyards.
In the night we’ll walk next to Zayande Rood River, wondering on Sio Sepol bridge and Khaju bridge, and maybe have some coffee in the lovely coffee shop on the Khaju bridge, called Café Farhang.                          Overnight in Esfahan
Day 12) Esfahan
Date: 23 Aug/1 Shahrivar, Thursday 
Land-drive Duration ca. –
Breakfast at hotel, then let’s go to Naghshe Jahan Square and visit the blue sky joining with the blue tiles of Jameh Abbasi Mosque (Imam Mosque) This mosque was built in Saffavid Era and has fascinating architecture. After this lovely Mosque, we’ll visit another mosque in the square, the Sheikh Lotfollah mosque! This mosque was built for the women of royal family. The ornaments of its dome is a true beauty of Islamic architecture, showing the skill of the saffavid artists. Ali Qapu is the next place that we will see. This palace has a room named as Music room and the ornaments of this room is like the Persian music instruments, which reflex the sound of music in it. In the Terrace of this castle the king used to sit, rest and watch the polo game in the square.
We will also visit Qeisarieh Bazaar, there we will be familiar with Iranian art and handicrafts, maybe buy some Gaz, the famous sweet of Esfahan.
Chehel Sotoon palace, is really close to Naghshe Jahan Square. We’ll go there to visit this attractive palace with its lovely painting. Each wall has its own painting and its own story.
Overnight in Esfahan
Day 13) Esfahan – (Drive)> Abyaneh- (Drive)> Kashan
Date: 24 Aug/2 Shahrivar, Friday    
Land-drive Duration ca. 3.5 h
Drive to Abyaneh, trekking in Abyaneh and maybe wearing the traditional dresses and taking picture.
For the lunch we’ll be in Kashan, visiting Nooshabad Underground city and Aran bidgol city in the afternoon.
Overnight in Kashan.
Day 14) Kashan
Date: 25 Aug/3 Shahrivar, Saturday 
Land-drive Duration ca. –
Today we’ll start our day visiting Boroujerdi and Tabatabaei houses, remained from Qajar Era. The houses of Kashan seems to be so simple from outside, but once you get in there, you’ll find yourself in splendid rooms with so much artistic ornaments.
After lunch we’ll go to Fin Garden, a saffavid garden which is entitled in UNESCO world heritage Persian gardens. Visiting Soltan Amir Ahmad bath, enjoying the view in the top roof.
Overnight in Kashan
Day 15) Kashan – (Drive) > IKA airport
Date: 26 Aug/4 Shahrivar, Sunday   
Land-drive Duration ca. 3 h
Last day! Today we leave Iran, but the memories will stay in our heart! We will keep the friendly people, tasty foods and beautiful attractions in our mind.
Early in the morning, around 6 am we’ll have a Transfer to Airport for departure, visiting Masuma shrine on the way.